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Pineapple Peach:
Top off your delicious flapjacks with juicy pineapples, perfectly complimented by the ever so sweet peach to give your breakfast favorite a tropical twist.

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6 reviews for Pineapple Peach | The Pancake House

  1. Carlos M.

    Flavor is smooth and tastes awesome. You cant really feel neither of the fruits but to me is the combination of them both. Def recommend.

  2. Alexis R.

    It is good but i prefer their raspberry hotcakes

  3. Tyler C.

    I’ve bought several other Pancake House juices (blueberry, raspberry hotcakes, glazed strawberry, etc.) which I thoroughly enjoyed but I was skeptical about trying this one because I didn’t think peaches and pineapple would pair well with a pancake/syrupy flavor. Whereas the other flavors I’ve tried from Pancake House have had a predominately swee Read more aboutt & syrupy taste to them with subtle notes of fruitiness, this one is definitely on the fruitier side. At the same time, however, it’s not exploding with fruit/citrus flavor like some other fruit flavors from other manufacturers. Instead the fruit flavor is offset with a buttery aftertaste which both compliments the pineapple/peach nicely and also gives it that pancake-like palatableness akin to the Pancake House brand. I highly recommend

  4. Leslie S

    I don’t get the pineapple and peach, mainly just maple syrup and pancakes but don’t get me wrong it taste soooo good!

  5. Mike P.

    I tasted more maple syrup than pineapple

  6. wattzmonster

    Truthfully, this wouldn’t have been my first choice, but man I’m so glad that GOST surprised me by putting it in my 3-pack. And what a refreshing summer flavor. So smooth! LOVING IT!!! P.S. this is the first juice I’ve had in a REALLY long time that IS NOT a coil killer at all. Such quality e-juice. Thank you GOST!!!

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